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DREAM ™ at SCALE Program, taking place on Sunday, May 19th, 2024 Esteemed faculty members Leon Kircik, MD, and Michael Gold, MD, have designed the DREAM ™ at SCALE Program due to millennial physician feedback and needs assessments that identified critical gaps in recent graduate physician relationships and networking and practical clinical guidance in dermatology. In its 6th year, the program targets the best and brightest new wave of dermatologists in the country and provides them with an educational platform to interact.
DREAM ™ 2024 at SCALE offers unparalleled opportunities to cultivate relationships in this particular setting and better understand how and what to communicate with incoming millennial KOLs who are also champions of communication in social media. Future thought leaders in dermatology will convene to formulate future collaborations.


  • Experts in the field will present a range of cutting-edge clinical research. This will include clinical guidance with practical tips. Current technologies, techniques, and trends will be explored, all with the aim of providing improved treatment outcomes. Industry sponsors include some of the top dermatology companies in the United States.
  • Several of “value-added” topics will be discussed, such as: starting a new practice, practice management, starting a clinical trial site, medical photography, and a novel workshop designed to assist practitioners in managing difficult patients.
  • Network and connect with early-career specialists with similar interests and a potential for leadership.
  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with industry leaders from the top sponsors.
  • Network with meeting chairs and faculty to discuss opportunities for research and collaboration. How can this be incorporated into your career? How can this be done while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards?

Our Illustrious list of DREAMERS

Aaron Farberg, Adriane Pompa, Ainah Tan, Alyx Rosen, Andrea Maderal, Andrew Dorizas, Anand Haryani, Argentina Leon, Bertha Baum, Bradley Bloom, Brandon Kirsch, Darrah Patel, Darren Smith, Daniel P. Friedmann, David Khalil, Dhaval Bhanusali, Divya Haryani, Divya Shokeen, Elyse Julian, Evan Rieder, Fabrizio Galimberti, Francesca Lewis, Gabriella Vasile, Hadar Lev-Tov, Hyunhee Park, Jacob Unger, Jackie Dosal, Jackie Habashy, Jason Roostaeian, Janelle Vega, Janette Black, Jennifer Tang, Jeannette Black, Jeaneen Chappell, Johnson Lee, Jon Kurkjian, Julie Forero, Katarina Kesty, Katlein Franca, Kathleen Spitz, Kimberly Jerdan, Kongruk Wongkittiroch Baer, Lauren Payne, Leeor Porges, Lilia Correa-Selm, Lucy Chen, Luis Soro, Marilynn Zabielinski, Marwan Al Haddad, Matthew Delmauro, Matthew Elias, Matthew Zarraga, May Sheikh Hall, Megan Cronin, Meghan Feely, Melissa Levin, Merrick Elias, Michael Lee, Michael Lipp, Michael Somenek, Morayo Adisa, Natalie Kash, Nicole Swenson, Noelani Gonzalez, Paul Lorenc, Peter Vitulli, Ray Kleinfelder, Roberta Del Campo, Roman Bronfenbrener, Ross Radusky, Ryan Neinstein, Sara Hogan, Sarah Jackson, Sarah Tonelli, Savina Aneja, Shailee Patel, Shasa Hu, Sheila Krishna, Stacy Chimento, Steven Ovadia, Sunny Chun, Tim Wu, Yumeng (Marina) Li, Aditi Sharma, Aderonke Obayomi, Ahmed Hawash, Ajay Sharma, Alecia Folkes, Ariana Moreno, Ashley Ojeaga, Brandon Burroway, Brian Hibler, Brittany Urso, Catherine Motosko, Chase Kwon, Christine Pham, Dan Gutierrez, Daniel Tinker, David Khalil, Duane Dilworth, Eran Gwillim, Emily Lebowitz, Erik Peterson, Gabriella Vasile, Harrison Nguyen, Helyn Alvarez, Jacqueline Watchmaker, Jane Yoo, Karan Lal, Kathleen Spitz, Lauren Payne, Lisa Akintilo, Maureen Ezekor, Michael Tee, Natalie Vincent, Phil Eliades, Rachael Bergman, Rawn Bosley, Ross Radusky, Saami Khalifian, Sameer Gupta, Sherif Eldirany, Sultan Al Salem, Tiffany Clay, Yevgeniy Semenov, Abigail Hunter, Abrahem Kazemi, Alan Snyder, Alisen Huang, Allene Fonseca, Ariel Eva Eber, Brett Brazen, Brianna Olamiju, Cindy Parra, Constance Ediale, Cynthia Chan, Hamza Bhatti, Helen Bui, Isabela Jones, Jared Kahn, Jarrett Casale, Jesse Dewey, Jonwei Huang, Jordan Rosen, Joseph Stoll, Joshua Mervis, Justin Marson, Kayd Pulsipher, Kayla Babbush Graber, Krystal Mitchell, Layal Antoury, Leonardo Tjahjono, Mahima Bhayana, Margaret Chou, Marta Fox, Paarth Dodia, Preetha Kamath, Rachel Day, Rachel Reingold, Rachel Tannenbaum, Ryan Giest, Sheila Shaigany, Shereen Teymour, Sherry Yu, Sophie Guenin, Taylor Bullock, Toral Vaidya, Travis Benson.

  • – Jeanette Black, MD
    “Thank you for including me in this meeting”
    – Jeanette Black, MD
  • – Brandon Kirsch, MD
    “Really appreciated the opportunity, Thank you!”
    – Brandon Kirsch, MD
  • –   Meghan Feely, MD
    “Thank you for hosting this wonderful event! I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved.”
    – Meghan Feely, MD
  • – Ainah Tan, MD
    “I really enjoyed the session and would love to be involved in future endeavors.  Thank you for organizing this”
    – Ainah Tan, MD
  • – Diyva Haryani, MD
    “As always, the meeting is exciting!  It such a great way to keep the conversation alive between physicians and industry.  There is no other conference that facilitates that kind of open communication and dedicated time.  Thank you!”
    – Diyva Haryani, MD

DREAM ™ Canada

We are pleased to announce that DREAM™ 2024 is taking place in Toronto on October 18th –19th, 2024 in collaboration with IDEF (International Dermatology Education Foundation) live at the Sonesta Hotel, Toronto, Ont. This cutting-edge program is designed using feedback and needs assessments from dermatology specialist physicians. We identify critical gaps in the clinical setting, creating the opportunity for a clinically focused educational program. DREAM™ will engage early-career dermatologists with established practitioners to build the fundamental skill sets required to be successful clinicians and top-tier key opinion leaders in the practice of dermatology. Participants will be selected from the new wave of millennial dermatology specialist physicians in Canada. One of the principal offerings of the DREAM™ program is the opportunity to hear firsthand from key opinion leaders on a range of topics at the forefront of dermatology, including clinical practice guidance with dermatologic procedures, prescribing, safety and efficacy, and current and prospective trends, all with the aim of providing improved treatment outcomes. In addition, participants will be able to:


  • Attend an interactive workshop on presentation skills featuring Tom Mucciolo, the President of MediaNet, Inc., a Presentation Skills Company in New York City. With over 25 years of experience in presentation skills, Tom has given speaker training programs internationally throughout Asia, Europe, and America in the medical field.
  • Hear firsthand tips and tricks on practice and patient management.
  • Network and connect with early-career specialists with similar interests and a potential for leadership in dermatology.
  • Network and collaborate with industry leaders and sponsors.
  • Network with meeting chairs and faculty to discuss opportunities for research, clinical collaboration, and consulting.
This program intends to draw 25-30 early practice dermatologists from coast to coast (representing an important cross-section of the Canadian dermatology community) and senior key opinion leaders (Tier I dermatologists). Representatives from academia and industry will convene and discuss prevailing topics with the intent of providing a contemporary and prospective approach to optimizing dermatologic procedures in patients as well as educating and mentoring early career dermatologists on key practice principles in the clinical setting. The program has been in existence for 7 years and has fostered a new generation of dermatologists providing an outlook on skill sets required in their practices. The agenda, and its content, have been well appreciated by all. We have included below key testimonials from previous participants that highlight what this program has meant to them.
  • - Quyhn Nguyen, MD
    “Very interesting and enlightening, It always helps to hear experts confirm what you’re doing in your practice.”
    - Quyhn Nguyen, MD
  • - Annie Liu, MD
    “I know that space is limited, and that there are many recent/new grads that would have been eligible to be invited, so, I appreciate that you've included me.”
    - Annie Liu, MD
  • - Michael Cecchini, MD
    “It was a treat to have Tom Mucciolo zoom in from NYC! I loved the  group discussion with my colleagues across the country.”
    - Michael Cecchini, MD
  • - Yuliya Velykoredko, MD
    “Thank you for organizing the fantastic session this weekend!”
    - Yuliya Velykoredko, MD
  • - Jaclyn Linzon-Smith, MD
    “I want to thank you, the RBC Consultant team, Drs. Lynde and Kircik, and all the industry sponsors for the opportunity to participate in DREAM 2020. I thought the presentations were excellent, the discussions with peers and our presenters were lively, and the virtual experience was well organized.”
    - Jaclyn Linzon-Smith, MD
  • - Matt Sandre, MD
    “The talks were all so enriching and very relevant to everyday practice.”
    - Matt Sandre, MD
  • - Andrea Dawson, MD
    “I would like to thank you and the other DREAM organizers for including me in this excellent program! Overall, while I wish we could have met in person, I thought the virtual platform ended up working out quite well in the end.” 
    - Andrea Dawson, MD

Our Illustrious list of DREAMERS

Aaron King, Aaron Wong, Ajith Cy, Alia Bosworth, Alexis Botkin, Allison Gregory, Allison Sutton, Amina Bougrine, Anastasia Shamsuyarova, Andrea Dawson, Andrea Lam, Anne Marie Hunt, Anil Kurian, Annie Liu, Anthony Mak, Ariane Schreiber, Ashley O’Toole, Ashley Sutherland, Barbara Miedzybrodzki, Bahar Bahrani, Bahman Sotoodian, Ben Kim, Bolu Ogunyemi, Brittany Waller, Camille Loranger, Camille Ross, Carolyn Jack, Catherine Besner, Catherine Tremblay, Catherine Villeneuve Tang, Cathryn Sibbald, Chloé Ward, Christian Scali, Claudia Posso ---De Los Rios, Connie Zhang, Cynthia Eid, Dan Wong, Danielle Brassard, David Tsoulis, Diana Diao, Dianne Burrows, Dimitrios Kyritsis, Dominique Fausto De Souza, Dorota Kadlubowska, Dusan Sajic, Elaine Dupuis, Elena Netchiporouk, Elsa Maciagowski, Eric Wong, Erin Dahlke, Evelyne Bonnardeaux, Evelyn Chinchilla, Farheen Mussani, Fiona Lovegrove, Firouzeh Niakosari, Faisal Al-Mohammedi, Frank Spano, George Christodoulou, Geeta Yadav, Genevieve Therien, Gordon Jung, Gubir Dhadwal, Gustavo Rubio-Gomez, Helene Veillette, Ilya Shoimer, Irina Oroz, Ivan Litvinov, Jaclyn Linzon-Smith, Jennifer Salsberg, Jessica Fudge, Jill Greenspoon, Jérôme Coulombe, Joyce Wong, Josée Dessureault, Josh Mercer, Julie Mireault, Julio Jasso, Kathleen -Katipunan, Kathleen Fraser, Kathleen Fraser, Kim Blakely, Kim Tran, Kirsten Walker, Kyle Cullingham, Lara Gunton, Laura Pickett, Laura Sabbah, Lauren Lam, Larry Cheung, Loukia Mitsos, Maksym Breslavets, Malika Ladha, Marie-Sophie Bedard, Mariam Abbas, Matthew Sandre, Maxwell Sauder, Megan Sander, Meghan Clynick, Michele Blouin, Michele Ramien, Michal Bohdanowitz, Michael Cecchini, Michael Corbo, Monica Li, Monica Li, Monika Winnicki, Nazli Ghiasi, Neel Malhotra, Nicolas Aubut, Nicolas Aubut, Olivia Potok, Patrick Fleming, Patricia Ting, Philippe -Lefrancois, Philip Doiron, Rachel Asiniwasis, Rachel Ruppel, Rebeca Pinca, Renée Beach, Renita Ahluwalia, Reetesh Bose, Robin Wiviott, Roxane Mititelu, Russell Wong, Sabrina Nurmohamed, Sophie Vadeboncoeur, Sonya Abdulla, Steve Mathieu, Tiffany Parsans, Toni Burbidge, Trevor Champagne, Valerie Johnson Girard, Valerie Yanofsky, Viba Malaiyandi, Virginie Kelly, Wan Tsz Ting, Wei Jing Loo, Yuliya Velykoredko, Yuanshen Huang, Yvette Miller, Zaki Taher.