Meet The Team

Well known, highly respected, multidisciplinary team

Roxane Chabot

Award-winning marketing & business specialist

+1 514-892-3581

Inducted in the 2014 Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame for:

- Making a lasting impact on others

- Serving as a source of inspiration

- Demonstrating extraordinary dedication & commitment to the humane principles inherent in the marketing profession

25+ years of success in:

- Dermatology, Tissue Engineering, Medical Aesthetics, Physician Prescribed and Recommended Products

Experienced as a senior executive with multi-national companies on 4 continents

- Excels at customized business plans & best practices .

25+ years of success in Health & Medical

Anneke Andriessen, PhD, PA

Scientist, Researcher & Clinical Innovator

Over 25 years of peer reviewed publication experience

Visiting professor at Radboud UMC Nijmegen, NL

- Scientist, Researcher , Clinician, CRO

- Public & private sector experience

- Author & co-author of numerous articles

- Peer reviewed publications & journals

- Health, skin care, medical & physician recommended products

- Accomplished researcher

Presented in several medical forums

- More than ...impact points and more than ... publications.

Impact factor of 40+ achieved

Stellar scientific reputation

Research and publication activities please click here .

30+ years of experience in research

Dr. Thomas Eberlein

Dermatologist, Allergist, Specialists in Tissue Repair

Medical consulting doctor

Managing Editor “Wound Medicine “

-The International Wound Journal for Clinical and Health Economics Research and Applications

-International Director, Academy for Certified Wound Management (CWM), Zurich, Switzerland

-Clinical Expert for Certification of QM systems

-Clinical Expert for Medical Device Certification in Europe

-National & international would management associations

-Author & co-author of numerous peer reviewed publications and journals

-Research has been presented in several medical forums .

Author & co-author of numerous peer reviewed publications and journals

Hinke Andriessen

Scientist, clinician and CRO

Scientist, Researcher , Clinician, CRO

University of Amsterdam

MSc Clinical Neuropsychology, 2017

BSc, Neuropsychology, 2008 – 2009

MSc, Psychonomics and Cognitive Psychology, 2004 - 2008

Scientist, Researcher , Clinician, CRO

Gabrielle Bauer

Medical Writer

Award-winning medical and health writer

21 years of continuous experience

7 national awards for health articles

- Specialist in CME content, strategic meeting reports, and health journalism

- Also prepares patient materials, policy documents, slide presentation content, needs assessments, etc

- Honours B.Sc. in biochemistry from McGill University

Magna cum laude, Moe J. Polisuk award

- Completed course requirements for Master’s/PhD program in biochemistry at Harvard University .

Award-winning medical and health writer

Ashlie Robertson

Event Manager

13+ years experience in event planning and design

- Effective and flexible event manager

- Assists clients with meeting and event planning, design and execution.

- Customizes services to budgets and compliance standards

- Provides administrative support

- 13+ years experience in event planning and design

Niko Tsoumaris

IT Manager

25+ years experience in IT Management

- Proven track record of improving efficiency, production, and overall performance through implementation of customized business solutions.

- Exceptional communication skills, including ability to explain complex technical information to nontechnical personnel in an understandable way.

- Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, Kaseya, SAP, and CiscoWorks.

- Results-oriented analytical skills to determine customized, effective solutions to meet stated objectives and goals.

- 25+ years experience in IT Management