We help our clients build successful businesses


What we do:

We get things done

  • We know, work and have long standing relationships with top dermatologists worldwide in:
  • - Dermatology
  • - Psoriasis
  • - Atopic Dermatitis
  • - Acne
  • - Rosacea
  • - Contact Dermatitis
  • - Onychomycosis

  • - Alopecia
  • - AK
  • - Mohs surgery
  • - Pediatric
  • - Scar management
  • - Wound care
  • - Aesthetic Medicine

Leveraging Clinical Data Through RBC Consultants MCI™

  • Optimize scientific and clinical data from a strategic medical, clinical, and marketing perspective through our proprietary Marketing by Clinical Intent (MCI™)
  • The RBC Consultants MCI™ Plan has proven to be successful in solidly establishing a "peer to peer" dermatological foundation for a product/technology by building a story that is scientifically and clinically sound through publications and scientific posters, which in turn feeds the power of the podium.
  • Each step in the plan builds on the proceeding content in order to create momentum.
  • Our clients have found that the power of the RBC Consultants MCI™ Plan establishes the podium time required for rapid and successful growth.

Identify New Business Opportunities

  • Evaluate:
  • Market potential (Regional, National, International
  • New technologies
  • Scientific and clinical strategies for technology development
  • Business partners
  • Reimbursement & regulatory strategies

  • Perform:
  • Market analysis & outcomes through primary and secondary data including scientific & clinical insights
  • Sourcing & securing business partnerships
  • Due diligence analysis of scientific, regulatory, reimbursement, marketing & sales
  • In-market perspectives from key opinion leaders, users & market experts

Develop Plans & Programs that Drive Sales Growth

  • Perform:
  • Secure market share by building, leveraging, extending & adapting products/technologies through their clinical life cycle
  • Identify clinical communication opportunities & design strategies:
  • Conference and symposiums
  • Accredited and non-accredited professional educational programs including advisory boards, teaching centers preceptorships, symposia, videoconferences etc…

Our Approach

We live and breath dermatology

  • Our approach is:
  • Tailored to meet your needs
  • Designed to compliment your corporate goals, objectives & financial capabilities

How We Work

We get to know you & your business

  • Meet management to gather insight into:
  • Company’s products/ technologies
  • Business platform
  • Market, competitive, scientific, reimbursement & clinical

  • Contact us

  • Establish project:
  • Objectives
  • Step-by-step approach including key activities & milestones
  • Deliverables overview with realistic timelines

  • Structure mandate
  • Ongoing strategic effort
  • To compliment present company resources
  • Project basis